Sunday, March 23, 2008

Prisoner Rehab Music Vids AND Peep Dioramas

Music videos in the yard. In orange. These Philippines prisoners dance to all sorts of songs, not just MJs "Thriller" Sweet. I wonder if they do this at the Lincoln prison I can see from my house? "All prisoners report to yard A3 for music video rehearsal. All guards to the towers with rifles and spotlights. Warden Jones man the camera and ghetto blaster."

Isn't it nice when you can waste an afternoon when you should be grading papers?

Why not also check out Peep dioramas? I like #8, being from Minnesota and frequenting the airport and its bathrooms (not for what you think).


WiseAcre said...

We have restrictions on cruel and unusual punishments in this country. No human should be forced to listen to MJ.

Benjamin Vogt said...

How about Weird Al parodies of MJ?