Friday, August 1, 2008

Bindweed Poem

I have so much of it in my garden that this poem only enrages me further. In that spirit, may it enrage you, too (spread the love I say).


There is little I can do
besides stoop to pluck them
one by one from the ground,
their roots all weak links,
this hoard of Lazaruses popping up
at night, not the Heavenly Blue
so like silk handkerchiefs,
nor the Giant White so timid
in the face of the moon,
but poor relations who visit
then stay. They sleep in my garden.
Each morning I evict them.
Each night more arrive, their leaves
small, green shrouds,
reminding me the mother root
waits deep underground
and I dig but will never find her
and her children will inherit
all that I've cleared
when she holds me tighter
and tighter in her arms.

--James McKeon


Victoria Summerley said...

Yup, I'm suitably enraged (and only too familiar with that particular scenario...)

Amanda B. said...

Holy Cow!!!!! That's what that crap is???? This has been driving me crazy for a couple years now in my garden and I have wondered what it is!!! As I read the poem, I thought that sounds like that junk in my flower bed that just keeps getting worse... so I did a google search and looked at a picture- that is what it is. Thanks for answering this question. Any tips for controlling it? I am as enraged as you! I am soooooo sick of pulling it!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's a very sad poem. It just reinforces my position that the only way to get rid of Bindweed is with chemicals. Nasty weed.

VP said...


Gail said...

I've just noticed them this past few weeks! relentless aren't they!

Unknown said...

Each morning, I evict them, too. And sometimes again in the afternoon, and for the third time in the evening... *sigh*

Benjamin Vogt said...

Victoria--rage is good. Pure rage, even better.
Amanda--I'm with you. I'm still learning, and after letting one clump grow, watching it grow a foot or more overnight, I did some research. Rip it out! Keep ripping it out!
Gail--They are like student papers, they just keep showing up.
Kim--No duh! (to use some grade school phrases I need to being back into my lexicon). How do they grow back in the afternoon??? CRAP!!!