Sunday, December 14, 2008

How To Trim A Tree In 57 Seconds

Or, how to use an LED stick-light-thingy dealy you got at World Market.

Grad students have, on average, only 57 seconds to spare in any given day, so this worked out perfectly. Two quasi trees make one real tree, right? And do you ever watch those videos of fireplaces on cable access during the holidays, where all of a sudden an arm comes in, tosses a log on the fire, then it's another 20 minutes of flame? Let us pay homage through my short tribute video:

Fa la la la la, la la la la....


Gail said...


Just what was needed...a fire on this wet, gray winter day in Nashville. Thank you! I must find that LED stick thingy from World Market!


Anonymous said...

Gaaah, no fireplace videos, Benjamin, please! I'd ather light some candles and watch a real flame, however diminutive, anytime. But I love your LED tree and your Civil War commemorative tree! Priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin, I thought you had cheered up a bit then read the global warming...don't want to spoil your festering mood with too much happiness now. I appreciate the fire video, we had a spot ready, left room between the windows for a fireplace, then got stingy at the last minute and didn't do it. I had a small hearth built in the space anyway, it makes a great seat, and have a tray of candles there, and a mantle that spans the eighteen feet width of the room, but it is not the same. Love the blue of the flames. Is that suitably grumpy to match the tenor here? :-)


Benjamin Vogt said...

Gail--But I bet it's not 5 in Nashville! Trade you!
OFB--Oh the tree just happens to be near a drawing of a civil war soldier, an actual soldier who was of course killed. No relation.
Frances--Oh, I'd ALWAYS want to have some kind of fireplace no matter what, for itself AND the added home value. I'll try to up my posts from depressing / moody to sarcastic or snarky. I have a plan.