Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of Crabs, Eupatorium, Smokebush, and Garden Vistas

May the pictures commence (as I will be doing in just a few days!).

The new bridge.

My maybe favorite plant, Eupatorium altissium 'Prairie Jewel.' Lovely golden spring foliage turns into speckled cream and green turns into thousands of white flowers insects adore.

'Prairiefire' crabapple blooms are actually more purple than this in sunlight.

'Coralburst' crabapple is growing left.

Corlaburst blooms begin red, turn rose, end in pink.

The only color of tulips I will ever have.

Can't remember the name of this smokebush, but the spring and summer leaves are gold, and in fall they turn to most of the colors in the rainbow.

'Autumn Brilliance' Serviceberry blooms and buds.

If I had fewer perennials I wouldn't have to wait until fall for things to look magical. But I can wait. It's worth it. Boy is it worth it.


Victoria Summerley said...

Is the smokebush 'Golden Spirit'? I have one in my front garden. It's gorgeous, though mine is still quite small.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Yes, Victoria, that's the one! I hope mine grows fast, it's only about 18" tall.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Benjamin,
I did a search to make sure my spelling was right for eupatorium, and that it was 'Praire Jewel' and came across this blog post. I enjoyed seeing what your garden looked like in 2009. It sure has filled in!

I am looking forward to Sunday.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sue--PJ was my FAVORITE joe pye of them all, but all three have died away after 4 years. There a few self-seeded seedling I'm trying to get going though. Have you seen my garden in other years? Pitiful! http://deepmiddle.blogspot.com/2009/12/garden-evolution-2007-2009.html