Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bodies -- Poem by Jude Nutter

The foxgloves begin that flickering
descent away from themselves, out
of the visible world: all summer
the narrow sheaths of their flowers
unfurl and the bees, drawn always
by the suck of quiet blooming, arrive
at each slow secret as it rides there
on the thin flame of its stem. And every

flower is bruised hollow with light
and for a while they ignite like the naves
of churches. No wonder the bees
keep nudging beyond the smooth clutch

of the petals and into the widening emptiness
inside those flowers, on fire
with the only burning that counts.


Jim Groble said...

Wonderful, i can see it. jim

Victoria said...


Gianluca Maiello said...

I love it, sadness and brightness!!