Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Prairie is Smokin' (and a Pressed Cat)

Below you'll find lovely images--particularly when clicked upon and expanded--of prairie smoke seed heads, pasque flower seed heads, some centaurea, allium ripping open, a pressed kitty cat to keep forever, and the same cat with his bro out in the garden before we found a tick on my person so now the cats ain't going out again. (I do not Dr. my images, though since I am a Dr., I suppose, techinically, they are Dr-ed.)

Prairie smoke

Click and expand to see the feathery detail, and to get an idea of what I look like in the morning

Pasque flower, post flower

Allium 'Globemaster'


Pressed kitty

Please-don't-take-me-inside kitty

Stalking-the-bird-feeder kitty


Ginny said...

I love the prairie smoke photos! This is what I enjoy most about reading garden blogs - all the wonderful photos of plants I've never even heard of!

Ellada said...

Very beautiful flower and I love the cat.

Phillip Oliver said...

Love it, both the plants and the kitty. :)

Jim Groble said...

Nice pics. my sister-in-law in Grant township Mn has praire smoke.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Ginny--Well, now you know, get some prairie smoke! It is one of the first flowers, and the bumble bees seem to be able to open them up.
Ellada--Thank you kindly for stopping by and saying so!
Phillip--That one cat is Trouble with a cap T.
Jim--It's taken three years for my smokers to look good.

Les said...

I love the Prairie Smoke and am wondering how they would handle the hot humid coast. Even this dog lover likes the pressed kitty.

debsgarden said...

Wonderful photos! I love the airy quality of the prairie smoke. It is aptly named! You have a cute kitty!

garden girl said...

Beautiful photos Ben. I love your header pic too. We added prairie smoke to our garden last spring - doesn't look like it will bloom this year. They seem to take a little while to get established. I was happy to see them this spring after the snow melted - didn't realize they were evergreen - cool!

Livia said...

I love prairie smoke. Your pics are terrific. I've planted quite a few of them over the years, they never live more than three or four years, boo. I always hope that they will reseed themselves but they never do.