Friday, September 24, 2010

Monartail, Swallarch -- What the Hell Is It?

The Scott's Lawn Care logo is going around like a bad cold, and part of the image is a morphed / fused / hybrid of a monarch and swallowtail.

At least it's a female. Or is that not a good thing? Some are pointing out this may be an actual butterfly mutated as a result of overexposure to a certain company's lawn chemicals.

I can't wait until I go out to dinner and have a steakalad. What if we raised tomacco like on The Simpsons? The world is a wondrous place when you add radiation and chemicals to it. What other wonderful hybrids can you think of? (Keep in mind we already do this with plants--and even food animals--so is the next step inevitable?) Attached with graphics gets bonus points.


Livia said...

Wheat. Oh wait! Someone came up with that thousands and thousands of years ago. :)

Diana Studer said...

You've seen the post about hummerhounds? (And they are still grumbling about your flagpole rant ...)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Livia--Wheat! Of course.... What Kansas was made from. Sorta. You know what I mean.
EE--I just jumped over there now that you mentioned it, and another twit apparently assumed I was attacking the flag. Idiot. Sorry. Sheesh. I was gonna say something because I abhor morons, but comments are closed. Wonder why? :)

Heather Holm said...

Good spot. What will they think of next? Just like the ChemLawn trucks in our neighborhood with the happy yellow lab playing on the lush grass.

Randy Emmitt said...


That Monarch Swallowtail is what happens when you add Scotts fertilizer to Milkweed and Tulip Poplars and mix the seeds around. I thought everyone knew that old trick... Did you know I was a Scott's "lawn pro" back in 1977!

Les said...

Today on NPR's Talk of the Nation, they used the phrase "humanzee".

Last week I got behind a gasoline tanker whose rear end had been painted with a scene of dolphins jumping out of some pristine lagoon. I was hoping it was a BP tanker, but no.

Layanee said...

I think I have seen that butterfly flitting around the 'keep of the grass' signs. It is pretty though.

Susan Tomlinson said...

Hilarious. Maybe an indication of how much Scott's knows about real nature?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Heather--That lab is happy bevause it's doped up.
Randy--Oh no, say it isn't so. I'm sure back then the chemicals were more benign.... right.
Les--Poetic justice doesn't occur enough. Maybe those dolphins were in a Japanese lagoon?
Layanee--Oh yes, sure is pretty. Like a new arm growing out of an eyeball.
Susan--I bet they actually do know a lot about real nature. I'm sure they know exactly what they are doing, even if those docs are in secret vaults.

scottweberpdx said... I know where they get the ideas for those awful movies on the Sci-Fi Channel...Sharktopus away!

wiseacre said...

How about a little gene splicing so we produced chlorophyll in our skin.

Then there would be such a thing as a free lunch. Other benefits would be a better way of preventing skin cancer than smearing on sun blockers and if everyone turned green racism could be eliminated too.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Scott--Ha! I'll buy the DVD is they ever make a "Swallarch." And the poster. And go the convention.
WA--As usual, you are a beacon of intelligence. And surely bound to be a rich man when you perfect chlorophyll sunscreen.