Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blooming Winter Foliage

This is a TRUE bloom day, one I've never participated in because everyone just posts flowers. Blah. My love of 6 to 12 foot tall perennials is finally beginning to pay off--and one can only orgasmically fanticize about what things will look like in exactly one year. Wow. Screw summer with its trite petals. This is where it's at. I think the upcoming June garden tour should happen right now.

And then we also had a few birds pass overhead:

The grading is done, the semester is over. The office floor can once again be seen. I even opened up my computer, messed with some wires, and fixed my 11-1 memory card reader. I can't tell you how such ambition is literally sucked away like low tide during the term. Over winter break I expect to read at least ten books, and, perhaps, begin writing one or two of my own. Four weeks "off"--clock starts when I started this blog post. See you on the flip side.


Kyna said...

Sometimes I've suspected it...but you're really smoking crack, aren't you? You crazy poets. Hmph.

I think you're so orgasmical that you're missing all the BROWN and DEAD in that picture.


Diana Studer said...

16th is Pam at Digging's slot for the Foliage Followup meme ...

Pam/Digging said...

I like your tall prairie, Benjamin. I'm a fan of tall perennials and grasses too, and their yellowing leaves have a quiet beauty all their own. Great for winter hiking.

Adrian Ayres Fisher said...

Clever: my garden looks like that now, too.

Am still grading papers, owing to playing with blog (er, procrastination). Time off starts Monday.

RBell said...

Have always enjoyed the rusts, browns & beige of fall and early winter.

Jim Groble said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. jim and pat

Benjamin Vogt said...

Kyna--It's not dead. Besides, the line between death and life is thin, hazy at best. Look at frogs who overwinter with crystallized, frozen blood. Are they dead, or alive?
D--thanks! I made a stop over there.
Pam--I'm a fan ov anythign taller than me or my fence which blocks neighbor windows! :)
Adrian--I've found grading papers at the end goes fast, though it doesnt' start out fast. Since students never see the papers again, I just read through them efficiently.
RBell--Fall is my favorite season! It really is!
Jim--Back at you Jim and Pat. Thanks!