Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Essay, & Tulip Bee

For every essay I'm able to publish, roughly 20-30 publications reject my work. More and more often with compliments. But here's a piece that finally found a home after a few close calls, titled Across the Flats--which ends my unpublished memoir Morning Glory. It's about plant shopping with my mom after losing my childhood home, solitude, creativity, depression, and marriage. The essay refers to Ambergate Gardens in Minnesota, link here for pics.

And yesterday I ran across this bee rubbing herself on tulip pollen (3-4 weeks early) like a cat would on catnip.


Mary Gray said...

Really enjoyed the essay, Benjamin. Love how you wove so many different issues together so seamlessly. Moving back and forth from the conversation in the car to discussing psychology to reflecting on home and what makes us who we are...very impressive. Thank you!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks, Mary! I love fan mail. :)