Friday, April 12, 2013

LEGO My Garden

Last Saturday I read from my new poetry collection at the Nebraska Book Festival in Omaha, and before the reading my wife and I swung by Lauritzen Gardens for the Nature Connects exhibit. Being a Saturday, the place was swarming with kids admiring the LEGO creations. Some day, I'll have a LEGO room again.

I suspect that if stung by a bee this size one would explode.


Not at all perfect. Grrrrr.
A dusting of snow also left this on the last of the iris out back:

As for life, let me tell you. It's insane. Teaching four classes with lots of prep and grading, giving talks on native plants, garden consulting, planning a trip, putting together two books with a hint at a third, trying to figure out the next stage in my life, what to risk and how much. You know how it is. I hope I'll see local folks at Earth Day on 4/21 in Antelope Park, and again on 4/27 at Spring Affair!


Christy said...

You made the LEGO lovers in the house very happy this morning. :)

Unknown said...

I now think I need a LEGO buffalo in my backyard... :-)

Les said...

The lady that had my position before me is now the Director of Horticulture at Lauritzen. I don't know how she could leave zone 8 for snow in April, but I know she will make a mark in Omaha.

David said...

"I now think I need a LEGO buffalo in my backyard.."

Me too, as well as a LEGO bee to keep my garden blooming. LOL