Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Other Garden Writing

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, my articles below will be redundant to you, but I wanted to share with you the writing I'm doing in other places that connects to what I do here.

I recently began expanding my writing at Houzz, and my fist foray was a piece entitled "3 Ways Native Plants Make Gardening Better." You know how I feel about using native plants -- it's a moral imperative going far beyond simple aesthetics. This piece practically went viral on Facebook, much to my shock (and my editor's). Very cool. My thanks to all who shared it! I hope you'll follow me at Houzz as I write on native plant combinations, butterfly gardening, and other ways to garden for the environment and with nature.

At Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens I'm confronting a crisis as I look out over my garden -- is it really native? Lots of cultivars and hybrids that I wonder might not be as attractive or beneficial to wildlife.

On my Facebook group page Milk the Weed, I shared a story yesterday of a black swallowtail female, battered and nearly wingless, who was flapping all over the ground. I lifted her to some fennel and got a few eggs out of her before she became exhausted. I thanked her, told her I'd look after her eggs. I was honored. 

And here are gratuitous pics of a bumblebee on wild senna and my garden. :)

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