Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being a Teacher

I don't often, perhaps never, talk about my teaching here. This is a garden and environment blog, and though I share my own writing I'm hesitant to share my teaching -- or more precisely what others say about my teaching

This last fall I taught my first ever online writing course. I've taught over 40 writing and literature courses before, but in person, which meant I could build meaningful bonds with students easily, that they could build bonds with one another, and thus get more out of the class. Somehow I pulled this off online, too. What amazes me constantly is how perceptive students are -- I guess I always feel like we're just all floating through the motions in a busy semester. You never know what little thing is gonna stick and expand and be meaningful (or crushing).

"I was not initially motivated to take this course but I was motivated to do well in it. In hindsight, I can say that this course has reshaped my perspectives on analyzing literature, writing for others, and changed the way I make decisions in on a daily basis. I love the impact that this course has had on me, my thinking, and my life."

"I learned a lot about myself and how I think in this course. It opened up my eyes to things that are happening in this world that I would usually dismiss. I also learned how to learn by writing."

"Dr. Vogt was an excellent devil's advocate in the discussion for the books we read, he stimulated discussion and forced us to look at new perspectives we had not before."

 "Dr. Vogt would nudge us in certain directions, but it was always the students who would make the discovery.... Dr. Vogt was much more about quality than quantity."

"The teacher really wanted his students to to open up their minds and explore new ideas."

"Dr. Vogt was so helpful and really made an effort to make a one to one connection with each and every one of us."

"He really pushes students and doesn't sugar coat things. If you are doing something wrong he'll let you know. He gives tough love."

"He is extremely enthusiastic, open, honest. He established a great deal of trust and respect with everyone in the class."

"Dr. Vogt is exceptionally responsive and always willing to assist with questions and problem areas. I have had quite a few good professors in this regard, but Dr. Vogt goes above and beyond in his quality interactions with students. He works hard to guide students into defining the class and their own experience."


Lynda said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find that you have touched another's life in such a profound way?


allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Thanks for opening up the door to your "other" life. I like to believe that what defines us and makes us stronger is the sum of all of our endeavors. Some refer to it as synergy.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks for stopping by you two. Yes, Allan, I like that idea of synergy. :)