Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting Busy, Playing Catch Up, Loving Prairie

Tomorrow, 2/15 at 3pm, I'm speaking at the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture's Healthy Farms conference in Kearney, NE. Talking about how and why to attract pollinators to farms and backyard gardens.

On 2/20 I get to work with some local 8th graders in a writing workshop -- trying to come up with some fun, memoiry and lyrical essay exercises for us to do.

Then on March 4 I'm speaking to a local garden club here in Lincoln.

In April I'm speaking about attracting birds with native plants at the Bluebirds Across Nebraska annual conference in Beatrice. Also reading some of my poetry at the Nebraska Book Festival in Omaha. Also also taking a prescribed burn workshop so I can learn how to manage my dream prairie! I'd say I'm a fairly eclectic person.

Some of my recent articles at Houzz include gardening for monarchs, a list of native plant websites that'll help you learn about and find natives for your locale, and I should soon have two pieces up about succession gardening with species coneflowers and why I'm not looking forward to spring. Seriously -- not looking forward to spring.

I'm working on two books and, quietly behind the scenes, trying to pull together the big plans for our future. On Valentine's Day all of these things in my life are love, because they get me closer to the prairie I adore.

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Diana Studer said...

sounds as if promises are being fulfilled - even your spellcheck says ... chocolates ;~)