Thursday, August 28, 2014

Native Plants in Downtown Lincoln!

When your city does something right, one should heap praise on it. Of course, when your city builds a monstrous 1/4 block concrete patio on the corner of P and 13th streets -- with not a plant in site -- you should cry bloody murder.

It's better to walk south on 13th street a few blocks, between at least K and M. There you'll find a collection of small beds between the street and sidewalk featuring the below (excuse the image quality, I was using my cell):

Monarch on Liatris ligulistylis
Love Rudbeckia and leadplant
Grasses make any utility box look charming

Aromatic aster will soon be making traffic stop


Gaia Gardener: said...

It's great to see a city utilizing native plants in its hell strips! How perfect. I think Wichita has one area - in a center median - where they've done that. I haven't driven by it all summer; I need to go by and check it out.

Diana Studer said...

that does look like an inviting walk!

RobinL said...

Oh how I wish my city would do the same! They widened the road, and added medians. I was picturing some lovely planting, but instead I got pitiful lawn grass. It made me see red!