Friday, May 8, 2015

Rethinking Pretty (Spring Edition)

“Because human beings were born of the biosphere and are dependent on it for their every breath, we are understandably enchanted by all aspects of life. It follows logically that the protection of biodiversity should be a moral imperative and universal conservation should be one of humanity’s transcendent goals.”—E.O. Wilson

Native plants aren't weedy or messy, and they support a ton of wildlife while waking us to our home ground and the environmental issues that will foster a sustainable today and tomorrow. Celebrate a deeper level of beauty.  Garden with defiant compassion amid climate change, habitat loss, and extinction.


Diana Studer said...

Prairie smoke is the one I covet!

Kylee Baumle said...

I grow all of those except for Golden Alexander!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Diana -- Move to the Northern U.S.! :)
Kylee -- Oh, you gotta try zizia. Lots of little insects on it.

Nell said...

I'm excited to find that a patch of something I couldn't identify for its first season is Zizia trifoliata, mountain Alexanders. It's a cousin of golden Alexanders with less-dense flower heads. It's now spread to two other borders. Once the wind of the last two days dies down I look forward to seeing what insects visit. Truly am re-thinking pretty this season.

[My garden is in the eastern woodland ecosystem.]