Saturday, June 27, 2015

Some Prairie

I was at The Nature Conservancy's Platte River Prairies field day on Friday; it was almost picture perfect with good temps and passing clouds with blue sky (after some light rain in the morning). Lot's of trips out into the prairie to see birds, insects, fish, amphibians, learn about restoration efforts, and to hear moi discussing prairie loss and how thoughtfully-designed gardens can help pollinators and bring some of the prairie home. So, just a few images I took with the phone (I'm getting in the nasty habit of not bringing real cameras with me):

Verbena stricta

A native annual barley

Common milkweed with sun hitting the prairie sand dunes

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Anonymous said...

milkweed in bloom is one of my favorite smells, right up there with fresh-cut hay curing in the sun on a perfect baling day. most of the milkweed we have is in a corner of the pasture in front of our house, and the regular breeze we get brings that wonderful smell right up into the side yard that's our usual sitting-outside area. --suz in ohio