Thursday, November 5, 2015

Talking in North Chicago 11/14

If you've been dying to hear my ideas about garden ethics, then November 14 in Grayslake, IL is your chance. The same topic will also be shared come March in Pueblo, CO. Only at my talks will you have the opportunity to buy the below 40 page booklet -- a collection of blog posts, articles, and short essays.

You'll need to register for the 11/14 talk, where many others will be speaking on such topics as Leopold's land ethic, native plants and pollinator relationships, prairie restoration, identifying invasives, and a ton more.


Jim Anderson said...

I am among many I am sure that are looking forward to hearing you articulate your views.

Ethics can be such a muddy water, but well develop they can provide simple clarity and truth that cuts through the fog.

Welcome to Illinois and safe travels.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Jim, thanks. Not sure if I'll clarify or muddy, but often muddy can be the rout to clarity. You know? :)