Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feeling the Tallgrass

When I think about the loss of tallgrass prairie my heart busts open and my body quivers. Then a well of anger springs up. How can I deny the world we've made and make the one we deserve, that all species deserve? How can I show compassion through my language and my actions? How can I be defiant with not just my thoughts but my hands? How can I get people connected to the plants and the wildlife on levels so intimate they will want to take the next, larger steps, and risk more for the common good? Our hearts have to be broken, our senses fully engaged, and our ethical centers pushed beyond the comfort zone that our dominate cultures spoon feed us. Never doubt that gardens of all stripes are ideologies and places for activism -- as well as places for soul food and respite -- which is their greatest power.

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