Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Garden Refugee

I see my garden as an act of compassion and justice. Instead of the tyranny and supremacism of lawn or mulch, there are diverse beds of flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Wide varieties of wildlife throughout the year call the garden home, and I am enriched by their presence and their cultures, not diminished. Together the world and I meet in the garden, we embrace, we commune, we share our hungers, our losses, and our joys. Without the garden I would not know that equality and freedom are milkweed, bluestem, aster, and oak. Without the garden I would know less of the common language that binds us all together.


Linda Wurm said...

thank you for a moment of hope and peace in this week of confusion and fear.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Word up, Linda!

Sadie said...

Tomorrow I embark on a two month journey LIVING in the flint hills. It feels impossible, but it's real. And it's about so much more than just me. I could say a lot more, but will leave it at that for now. Simply had to tell you that your mind blowing words about gardening and nature are what led me to this place. Led me to finding myself more than I knew possible and aiming toward my part to play in it all. You started a ripple effect that has already made a profoundly positive impact on my circle of influence & shows no signs of stopping. Heck, I'm just getting started! You have the ability to verbalize what I believe many of us feel inside, but can't quite clarify. We need voices like yours more than ever. Keep on and stay strong.