Thursday, November 8, 2007

Help Me Pick a Conifer

Please? Anyone stopping by. Anyone.

One of my goals is to get an evergreen tree out front. I'm zone 5. Clay soil. CLAY. Northern exposure and windy out here in Nebraska. It'll be on a slight slope--i.e. the yard slopes down to the neigbor's property by about a foot or two, then down to the street by about 2-3 feet. A gentle slope, but enough that water won't sit on this spot.

Looking for only about 10-20' spread, and height of 30-40'. A small front yard, but I hate seeing my neighbor's driveway when I'm on the front porch.


Annie in Austin said...

Can you grow Arborvitae in Nebraska, Benjamin? They get pretty big, but not as gigantic as stuff like Norway Spruces. A decade ago my previous IL front garden faced to the windy west and the arborvitae did fine.

Since you're concerned about resale, you might want to look around to see what trees have been planted in upscale neighborhoods [or maybe yours is the upscale one?]. Whatever is popular there might well be popular in less expensive areas in a few years.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Tough site for evergreens! I have read that the spruces will tolerate clay soils and they are sturdy. There are cultivars available which grow smaller than the species such at Picea glauca 'Densata' which raches 20'-40' after forty years. Thanks for your comments on the Albuquerque post. I have been off the internet for the past three days due to gremlins!

Benjamin Vogt said...

A--I'm not a huge arborvitae fan, but they seem to be the best option for this spot, alas. I may end up having to go that way.

L--Just googled that tree, it might work. South Dakota likes it. I know it is an awful spot for what I'm looking for, but driving around town there are tons of evergreens, and everyone has clay etc. Why don't people display name tags in their yards, and I can jump out of my car and take a look.... Clearly, this is my one big winter task.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin: Take some pictures of those trees you like in the neighborhood and post them for all of us to see. I know someone will be able to ID your favorites and you know it will grow in your locale! Use the internet!!! Good luck and keep us posted!

IBOY said...

How about a Caucasian fir??

Benjamin Vogt said...

L--Yes, taking pics is a great idea. I walk by one everyday on the way to teach, in front of a sorority, and I noticed just yesterday how much I like the shape and texture.
D--That one might work! I've been googling it. Thanks!