Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Park Seed

They almost got me this week with a viburnum and honeysuckle. Half off, discount overnight shipping. Almost. But the season is over, I'm tired of planting and need to focus on teaching and writing again. But I made it as far as the checkout page. Instead, my $20 will go toward buying souvenir crap in Mexico.

Speaking of which, a person can swim with the fishes--er dolphins--down the beach in Zihua. Now, I think this is both kind of neat and purely awful. I think "those poor dolphins" and remember the Simpsons episode where dolphins impale Willy. I think about how so much in the world is made to fit us, entertain us. Last night on the History Channel I was learning about all the new ingenious ways--and far less benign--to extract oil: out of sand, shale, coal, everything. I knew about tar sands in Canada, but had no idea Canada is now our #1 exporter of oil. And did you know we only pump out 1/3 of the oil we find? Turns out only 1/3 of it is pretty oil, the rest needs far too much refining to get pretty.

But you know what? I have to enjoy my life, enjoy the privileges that exist now, at least at times in my life. I can't think about the pollution from planes or any of that stuff. I need to forget--for a week--that I am not a part of so much bad. I may need to swim with dolphins to remind me of the essentials. And I feel like I can do that because I carry far too much guilt about all kinds of things, and need to carry less. I did almost buy a viburnum. Right? Oy.

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