Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's January, Finally

-6 this morning. Two days ago, when we got 2-3" of snow, I went around and piled 6-10" on some of my plants I'm pushing the zone with, especially those I planted in September / October. Maybe a bit alarmist, but I need to do SOMETHING outside. The tree althea (rose of sharon on a steeeeek, uh, standard) got some snow, because at the last place I always piled it on thick and it seemed to do quite well, but here it's a bit more exposed. The bloodgood acer p. also got some snow, as it's mounded up above the clay (soil I partly ammended and will continue to treat). I'm baby-ing it too much this first year, I think. Next year all it gets is a windscreen.

Plus, being anti my father, I like to place small piles of snow in shady places so it'll last longer. I enjoy my seasons, and they might as well linger (as I do on summer evenings in the garden). I like being the last one on the street to have a speck of white come April.

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