Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter is Better Than Summer

SO MANY bloggers are wearing down, complaining about winter. Complaining is good and healthy, and if you live in anything lower than zone 6, you've got a legit beef.

Still, it ain't over yet, so how about we have some posts praising winter? My turn to complain, because other seasons can't hold a candle to winter (mainly cuz it's too windy here on the plains). Why I like winter in 3...2...1...

1) I don't have to see anyone I don't want to. In summer I don't mow my lawn (with my electric mower) when I know my neighbors are out. I usually peer out the windows to make sure the coast is clear and do the front yard first. That way no one I can at least see--there must be peeping toms interested in my green shoes and hairy legs--will have the impulse to smile, wave, groan, or stop by. I have the garden in BACK with a FENCE for a reason.

2) People look better in winter. No flab (or breasts--it's getting bad people) coming out from under shirts or shorts, no sweat, less stink, et cetera. Also, people tend to dress better in winter. Why is that? Anyone else notice this? Is more money spent on winter wardrobes since they tend to get more use?

3) Snow. Nothing better than snow. Amazingly beautiful, highlights the architecture of life elegantly. In art classes I was taught to first draw the shadows, let the shadows fill in the object. Snow does this.

4) Snow part deux. Go outside on an evening when it's snowing heavily. What do you hear? Exactly.

5) Snow part trois. Makes everything smell nice, taste nice. Minus the yellow snow. And it creates some pretty cool sculpture in blizzard conditions.

6) You get time, precious time, to plan the garden. No impulse buying, but good, healthy weighing of what you need and don't, and making some great discoveries via research. Dreaming. Fantasizing. The foreplay is much better than the actual act of planting.

7) Winter means Christmas. Christmas means ipod nano and cookies.

8) No kids outside 7am-10pm screaming and yelling. I guess this can link to #1.

9) Less people in restaurants. Stay home, please, let me enjoy my meal. This can link to #1 and #7.

10) You can walk on water. Can't do that in summer. Winter IS a season of miracles. Plus, it makes you appreciate the others, and nature--in general--much more.

As with anything else in life, you have to earn a majority of the good things, work for them. I genuinely feel sorry for you nuts in Texas and Arizona and California and Florida. You live incomplete lives.


Unknown said...

Brilliant post, Benjamin--not only do we share a love for chartreuse, or gold, but also an endurance--mostly with amusement and appreciation--for winter. I'm a bit winterweary now but only because I need some sunlight. A day of sun and I'm good for a few days, like a solar battery.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, too. You're the first Nebraska blogger i've met up with...hope you'll do our Garden Bloggers Geography Project!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Jodi--I think I am the ONLY Nebraska garden blogger. I've been looking into plants for winter interest quite heavily, so doing those searches makes me even more positive about how good a winter garden can still look, esp. once established. I'll go check out your geography project.

Kathy said...

Winter is for misanthropes.

A wildlife gardener said...

That was a fun read..and I agree with more than a few of the comments you made :)...but I'm looking forward to Spring :)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Kathy--As a misnathrope, I find ANY season can work well for me, not just winter. Is there a difference between external and internal misanthropes, cuz I might have a dual nature. It takes all kinds of people, right? (and you're not thinking less of me now, are you?)

WG--Such an honor to have someone from Scotland visiting! I've been to Edinburgh and Inverness in winter, so know what it can be like. And yes, spring will be nice, but while in winter do as winter does.

Kathy said...

Ben, I am married to a misanthrope, so no, I don't think less of you. It's just I can spot "your type" a mile away from long familiarity. And it was your writer's convention post that made it very clear--misanthropes never believe that anyone likes them, either.

Unknown said...

I love this post... but take issue with #6. Not true, my friend... not with the modern miracle that is online ordering!

Speaking of which, I have a few seed sites to go check out, I think. There is 6 inches of snow on my garden right now, which of course makes me think of such things... the anticipation--er, foreplay--is killing me.

Benjamin Vogt said...

BG--Well, at least online ordering can help you SEE and PONDER that potential bill before you click "confirm."

I wish we had snow cover as we are to get to zippo degrees tonight. Hey, I never really thought about it, but you're in Ohio. I did my masters at Ohio State, and bought my manx cat in Cleveland many years ago. All I remember is that there is a true horizontal dividing line of hick and non hick that runs along I-70. You seem to be favorably located?

Tina said...

Fun post!
Oh, need some wintersowing therapy.
wintersowing forum
Even though I hate winter (yes, I truly loath it and every aspect of it you can think of) I can still play in the soil. During the worst blizzard, I can have my hands dirty and be fantasizing about sprouts and for a few hours be gloriously happy - as long as I don't glance out the window.

Anonymous said...

Winter is AWESOME!!!!!! My favourite time of year. I also like fall (late october to winter. Both times of year bring warmth.

Unknown said...

Finally someone that believes in winter. I dont enjoy listening to Washingtonians complain about winter. You'de be suprised how many people here should go live someware else. I love winter! And I love living in Washington.