Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wooden Stick USB Drives, Roadkill Rug, Fake Blooming Plants

A computer with a stick up its.... Cool. But 60 euros.

Also, check out the solar birdhouse that attracts bugs for birds to eat:

The roadkill rug (I REALLY want this):

And fake blooming plants, like gum tree, red coral, and lettuce (just add water!):


Alan said...

We must all do our pat to support the economic recovery!

BTW I've a very flat possum on the road near my house I could send you to use as a rug. Still has most of it's hair and doesn't smell that much anymore.

Benjamin Vogt said...

No thanks, Alan. I did once see a decapitated deer on the side of an interstate once. Head, guts coming out of the body cavity, all of it. Gross, or neat? You decide. (And don't get me started about supporting the economy by buying--has any politician ever successfully used that line? Grrr.)

Les said...

I love the rug!

Anonymous said...

Awesome rug, but I'm even more intrigued by the cleverness of the bug-attracting birdhouse.

Anonymous said...

I want 'em all! You have been busy Benjamin. How did the haircut turn out?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Les--wanna split the cost, whatever it might be? You can have the rug for half the year, and I can have it the other half.
Jim--I hope the birdhouse light won't keep the birds up. It would keep me up.
Layanee--Just a string of finding inteersting things I wanted to put up. It is hard, though, to keep up with other blogs so I try not to post too often, knowing the backlog. As for my haircut, a fuzz too short, but it'll look good for graduation on May 8.