Friday, June 12, 2009

Copper Iris, Lysimachia, Sanguisorba, Sculpture

Perhaps my posts will become more lyrical late in the summer, but I'm tired-of thinking, talking, thinking, reading (for shame!). Pictures have been soothing my soul lately, and pictures ye shall have. The second full summer has been good to the garden, leaf-ripping hail storm not included.

I'll never tire of this window from the side garden into the main garden.

Main garden, beginning to fill in this year thanks to iris, monarda, and eupatorium. Unfortunately, the more numerous perennials are outpacing the strategically placed shrubs, which makes them appear not so strategically placed because you can't see them: dogwood, chokeberry, viburnum, itea, ninebark.

The side garden was in the shade, the fountain was reflecting copper in the sun.

I was thrilled that my native copper iris (LA) actually bloomed this first year after having been planted late last fall. The only shade of orange I can stomach.

Viva the tiger eyes sumac framed by the newly installed 'Summer Wine' ninebark.

Sanguisorba looks best, in my opinion, after its pink blooms fade to red and hold most of the summer. Stunning.

A nice foliar / color texture I thought: sanguisorba blooming up front, with swamp milkweed behind, then monarda, then rudbeckia maxima, with lysimachia and geranium blooming behind that.

Lysimachia 'Alexander' in bloom. Lovely plant from the first glimpse in spring to freeze in October. I do, however, need to find more May blooming things--it's mostly a foliage show in May, which, actually, is a pretty good one.

Mom emails me one day and says "I bought this on Ebay, do you maybe want it?" Fo-shizzle! Put it over the rarely-used sprinkler system access panel so as not to kill any grass. Though, less grass wouldn't bug me one bit--that's why I like planting trees, in part. And if I hear one more neighbor mowing their lawn when I'm trying to enjoy my garden--mowing pretty much all the time now--I will have to call my friend Steve, who now works in explosives for the FBI, and call in some old college favors.


James Golden said...

What an amazing change since last year. The plants are growing so fast it looks like they're on steroids. Nice selections and colors.

Unknown said...

I can't believe that this is just a second-year garden! It already looks more... established. And finished. In fact, I kinda feel like I should hang up my trowel after taking another look at my own.

I ADORE that copper iris--and the ninebark/sumac combo, too. And now I'm wondering why my Mom never emails me and says, "Hey, I bought this cool sculpture on Ebay, do you want it?" SWEET. :)

Les said...

I do like that copper iris. Do your neighbor's use leaf blowers after they get their grass cut?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is an amazing iris ! .. I have Summer Wine Ninebark .. along with Center Glow and a rather poorly Coppertina (powdery mildew seems to have taken over for some reason .. go figure ?
So that is how my tiger Eye is going to look ? Wonderful !! : )

Benjamin Vogt said...

James--Their growth is truly amazing. I don't even really fertilize, but I've researched the heck out of most things I consider so maybe it's the "right plant right place" working its magic.
Kim--Hey, I've spent 8 hour days ouside far too often (and spent far too much money) so that also accounts for things. I was also impatient at first and bught biger plants, but no longer. Treat yourself to an Iris fulva, you know you want to.
Les--Oh my goodness yes. Leaf blowers (in windy Nebraska!) then one nihbo edges. What is he edging? So it is lawnmowers, blowers, edgers, and now, fireworks (big ones) around 10pm.
GJ4M--Hmmm, m copertina is doing quite well in half a day of sun and a rather moist location. Maybe that's it? Moisture? That sumac is my second after I killed the first one, or, I'd put it in a low spot in the yard that happened to flood often last year. #2 put on 18" of growth this year.

our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! And I agree, the ninebark/sumac combo is out of this world. We can't set foot out of our house without hearing the neighbors mowing, hammering, shooting (!!!), or otherwise roaring around. A nice detonation would do a world of good, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

The garden is looking pretty nice. I just came over from Blooming Writer's blog which was all about orange so you comment about copper colored plant made me laugh.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

'I'll never tire of this window from the side garden into the main garden'.
I'm sure you won't. I like the arch and the urn down the path.

Doesn't sanguisorba like it reliably damp? It's very free draining over here in limestone country.


Benjamin Vogt said...

Mr. B--Oh I so detest orange. The folks across the street have some orange blooming yuck now and I can't stand looking. :)
Rob--Mais oui, sanguisorba likes it damp, though I'm finding it's not as tall as last year. Likely has something to do with the spring drought we had. I did just figure that one out (not too bright am I). That urn / fountain isn't the shape I wanted, but it's the color and works well--and draws in the birds.

Scattered Gardener said...

With you on the machinery noise...our neighbour took more than an hour to mow his lawn late last Sunday afternoon, could hear him go over his lawn three or four times! If you could see the pathetic size of our small urban plots, only 80 foot or so long.
First time I've dropped in on you, Your planting is lovely.

Benjamin Vogt said...

SG--Thanks for the complement, glad you stopped in. I'm certainly sick of bing outside and within minutes someone turns on their mower. Maybe your neighbor believes the grass grows at light speed and so comes back over it again a minute later?

Pam said...

Your garden looks amazing! Quite impressive for year two indeed. I'm definitely enamored with your copper iris - wow - that's a wonderful color, and I'm not familiar with Sanguisorba - something fun and new! (I fear it might be something that wouldn't like the south...but that pink flamingo looks right at home...!).

In the second image (when I click on it - there is something in the far back corner that looks like an alium, or if not, something really interesting???)

Victoria Summerley said...

I never tire of the views of your garden either. It just gets better and better, and that copper iris is to die for.

Anonymous said...

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