Saturday, June 20, 2009

Green Cows?

Mini Herefords, that is. Produce less methane, don't overgaze, help with erosion, don't compact / disturb the soil as much, and still produce a lot of beef and milk.

So, maybe when you go out this evening you should ask about a free range, growth hormone-less, ethically processed (possible?) mini cows.


RURAL said...

I would love to consider these when we move up country. Maybe we could have a few grazing on the front 40.


Les said...

How easy are they to house-break and are they good with children?

Benjamin Vogt said...

MBD--Do you have a back 40 too? shoot, I'd kill to have a front 10.
Les--You always ask excellent questions. But would you want to wake up with one in your bed? Start's to sounds mafia-ish.

Unknown said...

Is ethical processing possible? Great question... and not enough time in a day to conclude an answer... *grin*