Monday, October 19, 2009

Top MFA Programs (and some MFA Blogs)

Poets and Writers has an article appearing in the November 2009 issue that, seemingly, more accurately portrays the top writing programs in the country. I ain't in the loop--and don't care to be right now--but someone somewhere at some time might find it helpful. It does not list low res or PhD programs.

Top 50 Programs (along with top 100 or so)

You can download the whole kit and caboodle here for $5.

A few blogs seem very helpful for those applying or looking for program gossip:

MFA Weblog

MFA Chronicles

And since I'm awake, let me make it abundantly clear to anyone who might stumble their way here, an MFA program is for LEARNING THE CRAFT. It is for spending time reading and writing your butt off among peers and in a fully-immersed atmosphere of writerly orgasm. Indeed, many writers hook up and.... Anyway, it is not a PhD, it is not a gateway into a college teaching job or a book. I hate to burst your bubble or rain on your parade because that parade is what gets you through. Shoot for the stars, but be a little real about it, ok? It can be all of the above, but I think too many approach and enter an MFA program with delusions of grandeur regarding it being like ITT Tech or something. There are too many programs now and far too many graduates--which I think is just fine and dandy (not so if I think about my impending job search in a year or two). And please don't go into significant debt, or debt at all, getting an MFA. Please.

And finally, go to Ohio State. Just go.


our friend Ben said...

Ha! This is classic, Benjamin! Much as they told me back in the day when I was getting a Masters in English/Creative Writing at IU: "We want to encourage students to go through our English program, but please don't assume you'll get a job as a result." I guess it's another case of plus ca change...

Benjamin Vogt said...

I was told that, too, but I so no reason why I can't or won't meat with much success. I don't live nor eplay by these self-defeating rules laced with reality.

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Really it's a nice blogsite the gives the idea about an MFA program is for LEARNING THE CRAFT. It is for spending time reading and writing your butt off among peers and in a fully-immersed atmosphere of writerly mp3 music

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