Friday, October 9, 2009

Where the Hell Was Fall?

Welcome back home, Mr. Deep Middle. Snow showers Saturday with up to 1/2", high of 35, and low of 23. I get one last day today to enjoy my flowers, then BAM!

Spring was long and warm and glorious, but my favorite season is brief. I fear the winter. Don't fear the winter. Or the reaper.

Many pics to come on Oklahoma--I saw and soil sampled the homesteads of many a person dating back to the 1890s (and more to see in Kansas on another trip). Now I've got way too many books to read and photos / notes to organize and label.


Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for a quick change.

our friend Ben said...

Snow? No!!!!

Chloe m said...

Nature is a fickle witch. We got snow last night.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Rosey--Rhymes with "witch?"