Saturday, February 19, 2011

Books, Dreams, Rocks, God as Language

"Here's what I mean by the miracle of language. When you're falling into a good book, exactly as you might fall into a dream, a little conduit opens, a passageway between a reader's heart and a writer's, a connection that transcends the barriers of continents and generations and even death.... And here's the magic. You're different. You can never go back to being exactly the same person you were before you disappeared into that book."

-- Anthony Doerr

"I will tell you something about stories. They aren't just entertainment. They are all we have to fight off illness and death. You don't have anything if you don't have stories."

-- Leslie Marmon Silko

"In general, people [are] not road maps. People [are] not hieroglyphs or books. They [are] not stories. A person [is] a collection of accidents. A person [is] an infinite pile of rocks with things growing underneath."

"Everything hurtles toward oblivion, except words, which assemble themselves in time like molecules in space, for God was an act--an act!--of language...."

-- Lorrie Moore


Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for these, esp. the Doerr. Wonderful.

Diana Studer said...

don't remember who but someone wrote about - resting on an assumption, like a rock, without looking to see what lay beneath it.