Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phallic Winter Garden Art

After a string of "serious" posts from my new garden memoir manuscript, it's time to let it all hang out, hang loose, etc with the shallow puns. 50s are forecast for the next week, and what little snow we have left will soon be gone. The winter has been dry as a bone. Spring has nearly sprung.

The snow is moderately happy, even as it melts away

Miscanthus snow cone

Corn with landscape (looks like the Nebraska capitol, yes?)

Frozen fog on joe pye weed seed heads

Apple with landscape--where's Eve?

Wish the corn was a rocket


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Of these 'Apple with Landscape' is the one which touches my humour. I'll be returning to it in my mind throughout the day and have some very cheerful hours because of it.


Kyna said...

You must have missed me. Because you just know I'll stop by if I see 'phallic' in someone's blog title.

I really like the first one :)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Lucy--Oh now, tell me how it touches your humor...
Kyna--I thought for sure you'd be the first one to leave a comment. And looky there, you were!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Lucy--Oh wait. I just got it. Ewww.

debsgarden said...

Okay, I'm embarrassed to say I just had to check this out, especially after seeing a phallic fountain over at LifesHighway's blog. It's time for spring!

Benjamin Vogt said...

D--I am the spider! I don't mind being stuck inside, since I've been fairly productive writing wise. But I do miss strolling the garden and making discoveries each day.