Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crocus Till You Croak

They are special. Beautiful. Inspiring. And pretty dull when you get right down to it. Call it my hommage to blogging.

Does perspective improve boredom?

Star-riffic. I guess.

Hey, this one at least has a fly in it.

Add Caption (oh, why even bother, Blogger Command...)

Nice petal stripes I guess. Rawr.

White as.... eh.

Baby snuggle crocus -- isn't this fun?

This looks like the other images.


sharp green pencil said...

HI there Benjamin!.. thanks so much for your comment on the blog. I look forward to poems about bee houses.. and bees of course. Good luck with the eupatorium bundles.. let me know how it goes!

Diana Studer said...

Why add captions? Someone explained it is for the visually challenged - here you would see a picture of ... The homme is not a bulb man ;~)

Les said...

Lovely like Easter Eggs.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and I love the captions. Some of these are actually somewhat different from standard Crocuses and that's a refreshing change. I'm just waiting to see my first boring ones open this spring.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Val--I hadn't stopped by for so long (sorry!), and then that post really got my attention, so I spent some time enjoying what I'd missed.
EE--Because it's annoying and snarky, that's why. And ask anyone, I'm both.
Les--I wander if you can fry up crocus like eggs? I know dandelions are good eats.
AAP--Well, you just need to move south a few zones. My parents in Minnesota have an inverse proportion of snow to my grass (i.e. I have a pile of snow the size of a book out front).

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Are those from this year? I like them all. Anything that will give some color to all the drabness is good in my book.

I just have a few planted, but I don't even know if they have come up, since I have leaves on the flower beds. Maybe I should take the top layer off.

I have been watching the coverage of the horrible events in Japan. A lot of it is the same they've shown over and over, but just when I'm thinking of turning the TV off, they tell you or show you something new. I don't know why I'm so drawn to it.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sue--Yup, this year. I planted 600 in fall 2009, but each year more and more die off (I don't even have 100, I'd suspect, anymore).

Christina said...

Bumbled over from another blog. Lovely blog you have here.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Christina--Well, hope you bumble back again some time.

Goldenrod Slip and Fall Attorneys said...

Its great photos of crocus. I thought they were lotuses. but they are equally nice-looking.

Benjamin Vogt said...

GSF--No lotuses in Nebraska! I wish I had about 2,000 more crocus.

Ilona said...

Now,see, I never tire of crocus and photos of them. I like babies faces, too..for the same reason: they are sweet,simple,open, and cheerful.:)

Benjamin Vogt said...

As long as the baby faces don't puke or scream and live in my house, sure, baby faces are great. Of course, some people say the same thing about gardens.