Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mating Monarchs, Goldfinch Pair, & Why Lawn Stinks

Lots of pictures this morning that I've been accumulating. Shall we be off, then?

Most of the garden this morning. A bit overgrown? 

L-R: boltonia, miscanthus, switchgrass, indian grass

Why mow your lawn....

... when instead miracles can happen? I've got milkweed, too.

Liatris ligulistylis

Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue'

Wild Senna never stops blooming

Male goldfinch--been years since they've been so active.

And there's the female in back. They always come together!

Caught these two on the birch tree. Ewww?


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

I love Bluebeard. Especially when surrounded by grasses. I see you still have a lot of lawn. What is your lawn to beds ratio?

Diana Studer said...

I thought 'most of your garden' looked like the top picture. Did you borrow a lawn?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Susan--I'd say 2/3 lawn. Any more and I'm afraid we couldn't sell this house, oh, next year. Or the year after.
Ms. EE--My garden would look like the top picture if I had 800 acres, which is the size of the prairie in the top pictures and taken from a good distance. The image of my garden on the top of the post is mayb 1/3 of my total garden area, about 500 square feet (no idea what that is in meters).

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your garden! I am hoping my front yard area fills out that much in the next couple of years. I am excited for the wild senna to bloom. I wonder if it will next year.

I just figured out I better stop deadheading the coneflowers. I saw a male goldfinch on one of the seedheads a few days ago.

scottweberpdx said...

I always love that time of year as we tip into fall...they garden can look a bit overgrown, but there is something so satisfying in that. It's rather like the garden is now a juggernaut, moving forward on it's own momentum, regardless of us. glad you have had success with the Polarizer!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sue--I hope the senna blooms next year, but I have no idea. I'd put my money on they year after--if it makes it through the winter. I never deadhead my coneflowers because I never saw rebloom--this way I have more winter interest.
Scott--Yes, very satisfying this time of year. The transition is my fave time of year, but I know what it means, just like I know what it means when that last piece of pie is on my plate. Alas.