Sunday, February 5, 2012

What 12" of Snow Looks Like

Biggest snow in 3 years. Heavy and wet, equal to 1.25" of rain. It's absolutely gorgeous outside--warm ski weather.

Have a seat

This is not a weeper--it's an althea in dire straits

Garden entrance

Not much "interest" left, let alone bird cover

Cool elm trunk

Snow took down a feeder

Click and expand

Rotate upside down to see through

Off the rain chain


mr_subjunctive said...

I am so jealous.

Teresa said...

Everything looks so calm and peaceful shrouded in snow. Beautiful.

Kylee Baumle said...

Love the droplets!

Desert Dweller said...

I remember the 1982 blizzard in Denver while in high school...36" on the level, even a few 8' drifts. Should be interesting to see it all melts fast or slowly there? (assuming you take some photos of that process!)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Mr. S.--move to Nebraska. It's the same, just more cattle.
Teresa--sans snowblowers:)
DD--I say it'll last 2-3 weeks, but you never know, temps go up and down (70 a week ago). March 1 tends to be the spring tipping point. I'm from MN, where in 1991 we had a storm very much like your Denver one, 30 some inches and windy. That might have been the year of -60 wind chill.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Love your snow..I love taking pictures during and after a snow when everything is covered in a layer of white

Les said...

Are you a shrub shaker and snow sweeper, or do you just let your plants deal with it?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Donna--IT was gorgeous this morning, since we had frozen fog too!
Les--We don't usually get 12" of heavy wet snow, so I shook 6 shrubs or so, which haven't recovered. Had a 14' smoke bush touching the ground--not cool. Otherwise, I let them deal. Sad thing our only other snow was 3" 2 months ago, heavy and wet, and that flattened the perennials. No winter interest this year!

laveta'splace said...

What a beautiful snow. I love your water drops. I take lots of water drops; from icicles and also drops after they hit a puddle. I've been enjoying your site.