Saturday, July 7, 2012

Five Year Wood

My wife and I were married 5 years ago on 7/7/7. It was 105 degrees during our prairie reception. As the "wood" anniversary I'll be giving ourselves mulch for the vegetable bed. Or maybe something a bit more romantic? Suggestions?

Engagement in Jan 2007 (which my mom sorta did for me).
This must be the wedding day! I was upstaged. Still want more diamonds on my ring.
Audubon Spring Creek Prairie
Back in 2003, my apartment in Ohio, right before I move to Nebraska. No grey hair.


Desert Dweller said...

Congrats, El Professor! That preserve looks like the perfect picture-taking place for you both. Upstaged...yep...I know, I know!

greggo said...


Martha said...

Congratulations on your wedded bliss.

About the wooden anniversary - maybe planting a hardwood tree together would be more romantic than mulch?