Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've Wrastled Me a Monarch Caterpillar

Visited the Lincoln's Children Zoo and enjoyed myself.

The message is -- go plant milkweed, and lots of other native wildflowers, and begin to think like an insect (or child, not much difference I suppose, what with the compound eyes and all).

I start teaching at UNL on Monday, then the following Tuesday at Doane (four classes, my biggest load ever). Expect posts of similar caliber for the next few months.The garden will hopefully pick up some steam if it rains -- just so few insects this year after 8 weeks of 100% drought. I'm expecting an early freeze this fall, followed by weeks of unusual warmth, then a super cold period in winter with little snow, ending with a normal spring. I have spoken.


Kerri Farley said...

Oh I LOVE it!!! :)

greggo said...

Congrats on your full schedule. Went out on a limb with the weather forcast. ha. And I like the worm pose the best.

Mary said...

You should use that middle photo on your Native Garden Coaching page. You'll really draw in the clients.