Thursday, August 30, 2012

At the End Of August

We are 7.5" behind in rain for the year, and almost 3" for the month. I've watered the garden 3 times--some plants as a precaution, some as damage control. But it's ok. The garden is doing ok. For the most part the drought tolerant plants are near normal, though I'm still amazed at how early everything bloomed, how some plants that bloom once bloomed twice, and that as the year has progressed more plants are closer to on schedule. Wet plants, placed by the rain chain and in depressions, are suffering: turtlehead looks awful, as does queen of the prairie and cardinal flower. In any case, here are some USDA choice images:

A bench framed by way-early caryopteris and indian grass
100 yesterday and four birds at once in the fountain
Lovely Liatris scariosa 'Alba' -- first year in bloom
'Prairie Jewel' and spp. Eupatoriums
This sunflower looks like I just cut it off in traffic in NYC
First year with veg, a few modest successes


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Listening to the Radio news. We, apparently, have just had the wettest summer since 1912.

Oh, Golly! Now I'll have to get out my microscope to read the captcha!

Help! I thought I'd try the sound version because I can't read it. There are aliens talking to me!

I can't cope. It's scary. I can't get back to the number and letters. I'll have to copy this so I can paste and start again.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Sounds like my garden this year although I only watered new plants and shrubs. Our temps have been in the 90s for almost 30 days now and we are also behind about the same amount...1 inch in August...not sure what will bloom now but my garden looks like fall as do the trees already since my later summer garden is used to rain...

Benjamin Vogt said...

Lucy--I was just hearing about that. I think climate change is supposed to look like that: you guys get soaked, we get drought. I'm sorry about captcha, don't know what else to do! And I still get spam.
Donna--Yes, trying to keep up with just the newer shrubs and trees is a chore, but key. I plan to water deep at least once in Sept, Oct, and maybe Nov if this keeps up.

Dominick said...

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