Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Returns to the (Dry) Autumn Garden

Yes it's been a long, hot summer, and I'm just now getting out into the garden as nighttime temps reach into the low 40s. Dividing plants, moving seedlings, setting up pots for winter sowing. The garden is coming to life though as the temps cool--hoards of insects, masses of blooms (I do garden for fall). I love fall. The different blooms remind me of family and specific memories--for instance, the scent of zigzag goldenrod is my grandmother's perfume. I wish I could bottle the goldenrod, the asters, the joe pye, the sunflower. All I have is a blog.

We finally had rain this week! 1.7"! Previous 3 months we'd had 0.7"!
Caryopteris is a good, long bloomer for me, and insects, and spiders.
One of the few mantis I've seen this year. Huge, too.
Eupatorium altissimum is covered in 100 insects right now. I swear. There's a joe pye for every season!
One of the monarchs we've released.
Monarch batman?
I love this closeup. Very rich, like autumn.
Coughing, sneezing, or shy? (or angry?)
Sunflowers at sunset.


Desert Dweller said...

Congrats on the rain, and all that abundance. Looks like that the garden residents are even happier!

Benjamin Vogt said...

I was putting out vodka for them to drink, but no go. Did have more birds hitting windows. Rain water is better I suppose!

greggo said...

Looks great. We got an inch. Had to deal with code compliance and my salvia blocking oncoming traffic views. Mrs manicured lawn of the month neighbor complained. The code compliant officer told me a prominent member of the community called him. oh well. Your blooms ook great and I'm sure your garden is perking up.

scottweberpdx said...

I so agree...fall is my favorite time of year...and more than a little (ok...A LOT) of it is because of childhood memories! I also remember that feeling, after months of stifling heat & humidity, that bite of cool, crisp air and piercingly blue good.

Gail said...

I am glad you got rain. What a terrible time the central states have had. If you look very closely at the coughing flower you can see a bit of spider silk... I think a crab spider did that to hide behind.

Elle @ eGarden Sheds said...

Stunning! I just love the photo of sunflower at sunset. It is really beautiful. Nice job! Congrats on the rain!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Greg--a prominent member? You mean a jerk face, right? That is nuts. I'm so sorry.
Scott--and boy is it biting today, 61, cloudy, damp, windy. Like a light switch went off. But you know these Nebraska inter-seasons, always in flux.
Gail--Indeed, there was a yellow crab spider nearby. Lots of crab spiders this year, hardly any other, though (no moths and butterflies to catch that's for sure).
Elle--Thank you! I've been taken aback and how many people seem to like it. Just took it on my cheapo camera quickly before all light was gone.