Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bald Eagles in Lincoln

My wife and I were coming home from the grocery store, zipping along at 50 on an interstate off ramp, and she says, "Are those eagles? Yes, yes, those are eagles!" She was just like Tweety Bird. So we went home, emptied the car, turned around with camera and binoculars, ran into an eagle by some houses and parked while another couple pulled up, got out, and the man shook his binoculars in the air like we'd just won the World Series. All of this action was within 1/2 mile of Capitol Beach Lake just west of downtown.

Ripping apart a meal as bits of something fell to the ground.
Full and off to join some friends.

There are the friends. I see five. Right?

These were the first bald eagles I'd ever seen. Wish I had a really nice telephoto lens -- say 600mm.


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Great shots...we have some that live on the lake across the street and we see them flying overhead.

Judith said...

Neat!! I've seen eight bald eagles in one day, but I've never seen five bald eagles in one tree. Did you enter your data and photos on Great Backyard Bird Count?

Les said...

Don't think I'm bragging, but seeing them has become common around here. In fact, they have been declared a nuisance by the USDA in the garden where I work. We are right next to the airport and have been forced to remove their nest from the garden. Three have been killed in encounters with jets, and there is concern that another incident might result in human casualties. I don't have to tell you what a hot topic this has become.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Geeze, you guys, eagles are rare for me and esp here in town! Usually you have to drive a few hours to reservoirs and rivers. Les -- yeah I can imagine the debate. It's like the one about grey wolves: why are we hunting them a year after taking them off the endangered list? Do we know how to live with nature? Etc.

Mark Farrell-Churchill said...

Hi Benjamin,

Bald eagles can occasionally be seen at Oak Lake, where they have easy access to Oak and Salt Creeks, but the best spot locally is at Branched Oak Lake. Worth the drive if you're really interested in eagles.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks, Mark! I've heard BOL is a good spot, I just can't get out of bed early enough to go up there. These were the first eagles I've ever seen in person, and we just happened to be driving by them in town. Want I REALLY want to see right now is a lesser prairie chicken, but that means a drive to KS and, certainly, a very early morning.