Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trash Watch

Sean of Bamboo Geek has started another blog, It's been getting some good press, here in NE and in my almost native MN and at Grist, for example. Check it out. Here's his decription of the project:

Expose the litter problem in your neighborhood!

Send me an e-mail with a photo of the litter you find in your neighborhood to One photo per piece of litter. Please submit photos that have a clear corporate logo on it. List the date found, the street you found it on (with nearest cross street), city, state and date you found it.I will post the photo on this blog (at my discretion). At some point, I will gather photos and the data you give me and bring it to the offending company's attention.What I will ask the offending company to do is either (1) send their employees to pick up the litter; or (2) help support a local, state or national litter clean-up organization with a donation.Being a good corporate citizen means do something about it. Time to ask these companies to do their share and help clean-up litter in our neighborhoods!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Sean is an inspiration to us all. Thanks for highlighting Trash Watch!

Barbee' said...

I think that is a good thing he is doing, and you, by reminding all your readers. We are a trashy, wasteful people. Thank goodness for the younger (than I) people who are speaking up and acting on it. I am amazed at how much we still throw to the landfill even after reusing, redoing, recycling everything we can. The garden itself produces so much organic material it is almost unbelievable, and that doesn't even count what comes into the house. We have worn out two chipper/mulcher machines. We have brush piles, compost piles, and composters. We have a good recycle system here. But, I often wonder: Where! does it all come from. Even more, where is it all going... I hate to even think about it.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Barbee--better not to think about it. If I think about all the "bad" things, and I can, al at once, it's the one great / cursed ability I've been gifted with, I break down physically.

Barbee' said...

Ok, you want a smile? (maybe) I am slightly dyslexic and when I first glance at words I read them as something else. (I have to read most things more than once to get the real message.) Sometimes it is rather fun. Example: Your heading Poetry Chapbook. At first glance I saw Poetry Crapbook. Heading: Anthologies Where Writing Appears. I thought it said: Apologies Where Writing Appears. (Sorry about those, they really are not my sentiments; I just have tricky eyes.) Now as we are getting old my husband and I are beginning to hear things like that and sometimes it is quite comical. We get laughs out of it. Might as well have fun. It isn't going to go away!