Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have Greener Sex

22 percent of people worldwide have had sex in the garden.

Now, I simply report what I find, ecologically mindful, of course. But this all seems a bit over the top to me. Or is it? Enjoy (XXX).

1) Sex Toys
Many store-bought sex toys contain, among other things, chemicals called phthalates, a substance used to soften hard plastics like PVC and provide that jelly feeling. There is quite a bit of concern about the toxicity and health risks of phthalates (in 2004, the EU banned a range of phthalates from children’s toys), especially in sex toys that are used in warm, moist places.

2) Lube
As you would with any other personal care product, go as natural as possible and try to avoid petroleum products, artificial scents, flavors, and colors.

3) Condoms
Let’s face it, reduce, reuse, recycle just doesn’t apply when it comes to the rubbers. (duh)

4) Green Fun
Sexy play can be green and efficient as well. Showering together can save water (if things get steamier, we suggest taking it to the bedroom and not leaving the shower running). A nice bike ride for two is a fossil-fuel-free way to get the blood flowing and can also be quite stimulating, especially for the ladies. (OMG!!!)

5) Taste Sweeter
There are some very strong rumors going around that vegetarians have the best tasting love juices (though some items from the vegetable kingdom you may want to avoid, like asparagus and garlic). (Please don't test this theory out and post about it in the comment section--thanks.)


Amanda B. said...

Coincidence or not that this post comes as Jackie goes out of town....? ;P

Benjamin Vogt said...

Ewwww. Do NOT want to have that conversation with you. It is just coincidence. I swear.

Unknown said...

Re #4: Uh... stimulating? Only if numbness is stimulating! (Yeah, I know. I need to just go ahead and buy a padded bike seat. And shocks.)

Re #5: I've heard that, too. And also that coffee is in the "things you may want to avoid" list, which means I have no chance, even if I turn vegetarian!

Re #3: This begs the question: But what's worse, a landfill full of used rubbers... or all of the extra hormones that are released into our water supply from birth control pills? (I guess the "rhythm method" is the greenest, then?!)

Unknown said...

(I am also trying to "be good" and not point out the amusing segue into your previous post title...)

Unknown said...

Oh, but I forgot another re #4: That whole saving water thing? Bull! I spend way less time (and thus use less water) in the shower when I'm by myself!!!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Kim--1) TMI 2) Huh? 3) TMI (but yes, I use far less water showering alone too, I mean, it only takes few minutes)