Friday, August 28, 2009

What Are You Gonna Do About It?

I spent 30 minutes this morning chucking seeds over my fence on to the neighbor's 3 acres, taking advantage of the favorable wind direction, speed, and barometric pressure. I see they have wild goldenrods blooming between invasive cedars. Well, goldenrod is a start. Here's how I helped you boring people who occasionlly walk along the fence whispering to each other while staring at me and generally freaking me out:

Echinacea pallida, purpurea, paradoxa

Liatris ligulistylis, punctata

Eupatorium altissium

Vernonia fasciculata

Asclepias tuberosa, incarnata

Sure, I feel a bit like a pervert or some sort of stalker tossing my seeds over the fence while ducking away behind a cedar (you can take that any way you want, folks). I feel a bit ashamed, yet get a small rush.


Frances said...

Is this in some way illegal? That might explain the rush part. Sounds like you have perverted their acreage with some mighty fine plants. Keep up the good work. Thank goodness for the invasive cedars to hide behind. Are you saying they stand and stare at you? Try saying hello neighbor. :-)

WiseAcre said...

Freaking you out?

I'd be the one freaked out if I came across you sounding pagan chants and making offerings to the wind then seeing you scurry behind a bush when you noticed me.

Kateri said...

Can you please come chuck some seeds over my property? I would so love to have some of those things growing wild!

our friend Ben said...

I agree with Kateri. I wish someone would come scatter those wonderful seeds on my property! Just think of it as building your legend. Years from now, we'll all be telling our great-grandchildren the story of Benjamin Wildflowerseed and how he went through the world scattering wildflower seeds wherever he was...

rebecca said...

You must add some Helios to the mix. I love the burst of yellow.

Chloe m said...

This brings to mind the term "sowing your oats".

Benjamin Vogt said...

Frances--When we first moved in we'd often have dinner on our deck, which is a few fet off the ground. Our neighbor would come stand atop his hill (10' high?) and drive golfballs back toward his house--often pausing to watch us eat.
WA--Who said anything about Pagan chants? Sheesh. If anything they were curses.
Kateri--I just started a service for this, but it's a bit pricey if I have to travel more than 100 feet.
OFB--Well, I hope I'm known for more than that....
Becca--I'm waiting for those seeds, too!
Rosey--The NE state capitol is very tall, very "erect," and at the top is a statue of a man flinging seeds from his pelvic-poisiton satchel. Nebraskans sow oats as a matter of civic pride and governmental duty.

Unknown said...

FABULOUS IDEA! Now I know what to do for my neighbors with the horrendous weed patch. (Only, about the time I do this, they will actually start putting some effort into making it a veggie garden again. I guess either way, I win, right?)