Friday, May 13, 2011

Around the Garden

From 95 to 45 in a few days. That's temperature, not angles of view. But it could be either one, I suppose. Shall we?

Prairie Smoke


'Tiger Eyes' Sumac

Shooting Star

'Globemaster' Allium

Nice View?

Peony Sweat

Variegated Red Twig Dogwood

View From Under Arbor

Black Chokeberry

Purple Smokebush

Mountain Bluet

'Carolina Moonlight' Baptisia


Smokebush Bloom

Evidence of my first ever Baltimore Oriole--
he's eating elm seeds.


Diana Studer said...

Is the grassy lawn off to the right next door, or also part of your patch?

Your garden is looking very inviting, and I'm learning to recognise Baptisia.

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

Liking the Dodecathon. Impressed I remembered the name correctly.

Question: Does it bother you that you can still see your fence? Mine drives me nuts. It's like staring at the bars of a little suburban cage. I'm always trying to cover it up. You seem more at peace with it.

Benjamin Vogt said...

D--Yes, 2/3 of the back yard is lawn. Unfortunately. I keep it for resale value. I guess it's a nice visual break.
S--We purposely put in a chain link fence in the back to see through to an acreage, and the wood fence I like... it feels zenish. Plus we can't see the big dogs next door, though they try to dig under the fence (I have some patching to do with chicken wire).

Benjamin Vogt said...

And come late summer, you can't see that wood fence anyway. That's my 6-12' perennial zone!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You have a beautiful place! I've liked the ninebark I've seen on other blogs. I'm not sure I knew it grew here. Congratulations on the oriole siting. I don't think I've ever seen one.

I took some photos of my baptisa buds today, too. I planted a white blooming one I got at the Spring Affair. It is pretty small. I hope it grows large enough to fill up some of the space it's in this year.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sue--Ninebark eats clay for breakfast, esp damp clay. My 'Coppertina' is one of my favorite shrubs, and grows fast once established (faster than other cultivars, except maybe the yellow-leaved 'Dart's Gold,' which I also have). Baptisia takes me 2-3 years to get established, but after three years, it's quite a show! I have bi-colored, yellow, purple, and white varieties. See you on Father's Day?

Gardener in the Distance said...

Beautiful photos, Benjamin. I especially like the broader views of your garden, which seems a peaceful place.

Benjamin Vogt said...

It's especially peaceful in the winter, when there aren't lawnmowers and dogs barking (as much). But hey, I've built a nice space, and it is certainly an extension, a hope, of my need for space, distance, silence....

Inger said...

Your garden is so beautiful and, yes, peaceful.--Inger

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks, Inger! Compliments feel good, unlike this cloudy weather.

Donna said...

The garden is certainly filling out and blooming so lovely...I love how allium bursts through like it is breaking through paper...orioles just arrived here as well...

Thomas Rainer said...

Love the shots of the buds and stems unfurling. Such a fascinating time of year in the garden.