Monday, May 2, 2011

Strange Redbuds On UNL Campus

Have you ever seen redbuds like these?

Mossy blooming

These are by the "radiator" building

Double trunk lean north

And how about a brief tour of other blooming trees on campus? The school year is over--goes faster and faster each year--so bloom on, you crazy trees. Bloom on my lovely students who will now pass by on the sidewalk and not acknowledge me, not remember all that we shared. Ah, lost love (on my part alone, most likely).

Here on the homestead the serviceberries are done, but the the crabapples are in full swing, as is the chokecherry. Soon the viburnums and dogwood will kick in, then the ninebark and elderberries. And before you know it, hundreds of people will be inspecting my garden for weeds. Any garden tour tips from my gardening elders out there?

The tour is on Father's Day, and I plan to have a local sculptor display his work, and I'll have lines from my poems scattered throughout the garden. Hopefully, monarch caterpillars will also be in full swing.


Susan in the Pink hat said...

I have seen redbuds with flowers on the bark, but I've never seen a tree that size; they usually die before they get that big. It seems to happen on the chinese cultivars the most.

Diana Studer said...

If, I would open my garden to visitors - I'd have to make a sign - Please don't pull weeds We Grow WildFlowers! I have had to replant Their Weeds.

greggo said...

Serve refreshments and label some of the unique varieties of great interest. I had a xeriscape garden tour in San Antonio and the water board had a person come out with aluminum labels and we went around the garden and labeled the varieties.

greggo said...

The redbuds with the watersprout blooms are under some kind of stress. They look like they have a few cankers. Mine at home has the same watersprout blooms, not sure why it is stressed.

scottweberpdx said...

Yowza...the blooms along the trunk in that first photo are truly bizarre.

Les said...

The first time I saw redbud dothat was in DC at the National Zoo, and it was on a huge tree, so big I could not believe it was a redbud.

As to garden tour tips, I have only had my garden on one tour, and I have one word for you - beer. Not for the tourists, but for you.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Susan--I tried redbud in my yard and it dies fast. Wet clay does that.
D--Well, I should have a fairly educated bunch come through. Preaching to the choir to some degree, maybe. But I hope not. I like to edumacate folks.
G--Good idea with labeling. I know I won't get to talk to everyone I'd like to.... and stress makes sense, but yeah, what kind? They should get babied on campus.
S--But cool, too, right dude? Like moss.
Les--Is beer strong enough? :) I know I'll get some damage.

compost in my shoe said...

If only the first one was a cultivar! Fantastic, looking like pink moss clustered on the branches. Wonderful.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Mr. Shoes--Yeah, I know, I'd go grab it myself! But maybe I can make one out of cotton balls and a 2x4.

Anonymous said...

I've been on many garden walks, and those with labels -- while helpful -- were distracting. Maybe a master list of plants that you have copied for people to take (with links to your blog and twitter?). Oooh, and to brag, maybe a list of critters that your oasis of plants has attracted.

Wayne, PA

Gail said...

I like the idea of a master list and a simple garden plan...I do think Les' beer suggestion makes sense. In the UK~they charge admission and serve cake and tea! In my part of the world, Redbuds often have flowers on their trunks and grow quite large then die! I am replacing mine~they are all declining. gail ps Please come see my Monarch cats!