Monday, May 14, 2012

The Picture Post

Who has time to read online? So many sites to visit, so much attention span to erode. In an attempt to keep my posts eclectic, have some pictures I've been taking this spring. In fact, have twenty of them.

We're halfway in the garden, past the arbor, looking south
Looking southwest, where storms come from
Viburnum dentatum, globemaster alliums, Spiraea 'Ogon'
Bumblebee hummingbird moth
Sphinx hummingbird moth
Peony bud
Moth caterpillar going to town on peony bud
Copper iris unfolding
Copper iris after fog
Sizzling copper iris
I forget
I forget again
Stop asking, I don't remember this iris either. In fact, I'm ready to get rid of my iris.
Morning cloak on gold ninebark--ninebarks swarmed with butterflies this year!
Ninebark "fruit"
Martagon lily
Prairie smoke
Hosta leaf

And on elderberry blooms
Honeysuckle unfurling

So, which one is your favorite shot? The winning image will be tattooed on my cat.


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

In an effort to spare your cat, I won't tell you...actually too many to pick...

Diana Studer said...

Prairie smoke. On you. Not the cat.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Ben, you can be a silly guy! Either the butterfly or the prairie smoke is my favorite. I sure am enjoying the "creep" phase of my front yard garden.

Blue Dragon Arts said...

lovely iris! if your serious about them possibly finding a new home i'll adopt them. all the photos are lovely, but the sphinx moth is my fav.

Benjamin Vogt said...

D--Oh, yer no fun!
D--Done and done. I'll go tonight.
S--Soon your garden will be thick and full of life! Esp if you need more senna.
BDA--They need dividing in the very least, like I'd dig up 3/4 of them to give away. I've dividing them all summer long, even though I think yer supposed to do it during a certain time. They don't seem to mind when they get hacked apart. I've been thinking of having a plant sale / garden tour on some Sunday next month....

Sunnyside Dru said...

Prairie Smoke, must plant!

Blue Dragon Arts said...

a plant sale/tour would be awesome!