Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snake CSI

Live in a place long enough and you see a lot. Create a thriving ecosystem in that place and each day is a treasure map or a crime scene investigation.

We found this creature in the lawn by a pile of brush I refuse to clean up. What happened? What's that thing sticking out of the stomach? Did the baby bunny get medieval on the snake? Help. I won't feel safe in the garden until I know.

Those are some teeth. I hope it ate some mice.
What is that???
This is beautiful.
First person to solve the mystery gets a front row seat at my native plant talk at Finke Gardens and Nursery on 6/9. VIP treatment all morning (vacation (at) invisible prairie).


maryd said...

Is that 'thing' poking through the stomach? or is it coming out the back end? I hope that happened after the snake died. Compelling photos - a cool find.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I think it's the anus, but no idea! Help!

Unknown said...

Racer, with prolapsed hemipene.

Unknown said...

Hemipene is protruding from the cloaca.

Unknown said...

Snake could have died from this rare but not unheard issue.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks anon!!!!! Finally! :)