Friday, December 21, 2007

Plants I Got My Eye On (But Just the One)

For reasons of winter interest, to increase wildlife, to increase diversity, or for pure physical pleasure—and in anticipation of Christmas and the new year and garden catalogs—here’s my list (just tossed up un-pretty, probably msilpled):

Winterberry of some kind
Oak Leaf Hydrangea (they like it dry and shady?)
My Winturthur Viburnum needs a mate
Harlequin honeysuckle
Sutherland gold elder
White gold spiraea
Weigela shining fantasy
False cypress wissel’s saguaro
Pagoda dogwood golden shadows (yeah right)
Japanese cedar
Dawn redwood gold rush
Fringed gentian
A salvia of some sort
emerald and gold euonymus
More mellow yellow spiraea (I think)
Festuca ‘Eligah’s Blues’
Sea holly
Globe thistle
Rattlesanke master
Corkscrew rush (I know)
Landini lily
Witch hazel diane
Wild white indigo
Camassia leichtlinii ‘blue danube’
Anything that puts nitrogen into my soil (more prairie plants)
An evergreen that likes it shady and windy in the winter (north side of house) and can do clay on a light slope


Anonymous said...

I like your list but I've never heard of 'Rattlesnake Master' and I am doubtful that I would want that one although I am planning a 'Garden of Death' although the name will probably be 'Afterlife Garden' so no one is too shaken up!
Oh, and no one can have just one kind of salvia!

Benjamin Vogt said...

I'm all for shaking it up, but maybe a bit of whimsy? Like "Garden 'o' Death?"

Get your rattle on here:

IBOY said...

Do you say "Yah, right!" about the Golden Shadows because of the size or the cost? It really isn't very expensive anymore ($35 and probably can find it cheaper). How about C. alterniflora Gold Bullion (also about $35)?

Unknown said...

Great list--I have some of those things on my list as well. One thing about the oakleaf... it can be fairly drought-tolerant (at least, my young plant was relatively fine throughout our drought this summer) but I understand that if it doesn't get enough sunlight you won't get as much flowering from it. Just a heads up.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Don--Oh yes, the cost! I've seen some expensive ones, but glad to hear you can get them for far cheaper. They are stunning trees. Thanks for the info!
BG--I was thinking about that flowering aspect, too. It needs to be drought tolerant, and I'm hearing good things on that, but I wish it could take shade and still flower (who doesn't with all sorts of plants, right?). I'm thinking of putting it in a more dappled location now.