Friday, December 14, 2007

Sparkle Sparkle

A year ago I'd just finished shopping for an engagement ring (for one 3 day weekend I devoted nearly 30 hours to doing so). Eventually, I discovered that the best place to buy a high quality certified diamond as advertised--no yanking your chain like at jewelry stores--was at Blue Nile. Or, I could've waited a year, saved tons of money, cracked off one of the below branches and said "here, love ya, you wanna keep this looking its shiniest keep the thermostat set at 20." Boy did I hate all those brand names for diamonds, too: hearts on fire? Ouch. That sounds so cliche I almost said to heck with it all.

Anyway, I digress. Expand the pics below. I can't tell you how much the landscape sparkled and danced in subtle movements of wind and myself, a full rainbow of fire. See how if you hold it up to the light the reflections bounce back? That's because it is colorless, a true D, and the cut and polish are ideal and allow light to refract back at perfect angles, thus symbolizing that your love's heart is also cut perfectly as if she had quadruple bypass surgery from Dr. Famous Pants....

Here, with the first glimmer of sun in days, the ice has slid right off the dried leaves of zebra grass.

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