Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogger Made Me Do It

Please excuse the current template state of affairs. Blogger did not warn me that while experimenting with new designs, one has to copy and save one's html code in order to revert back to the original blog template. Therefore, The Deep Middle will be in template flux for a while having lost its blogger virginity.

In the meantime, please go buy some milkweed for monarch butterflies.



Jim Groble said...

We have swamp milkweed and it has buds. jim

Unknown said...

I like the new look... no excuses needed! Oh, and I do have 2 kinds of milkweed... including a pink-flowering one. And you know how I feel about pink... :-P

Kimberly said...

I feel your pain with the new templates. I reverted back to plain jane for mine, for the moment. I don't have time right now.
My milkweed is in full bloom and doing its job!

Ginny said...

I bought my first swamp milkweed at the Master Gardener's sale this spring. It was a tiny seedling. I put it in the ground and within a week or so it had lost it's leaves - but the little stalk was still green and flexible so I kept watering it. This week new foliage appeared and it is starting to grow. You'd have thought something rare and wondrous had happened, I was so excited!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Jim--Our is just starting to bloom, barely.
Kim--Pink and orange, only allowed here on milkweeds. Barf.
Ginny--I had some plugs do that to me recently. Not caterpillars, yet.

Diana Studer said...

The trick is to make a second dummy blog, play there, when you have tweaked what you want, come back and sort the real one.
This new one looks good to me!

James Golden said...

Thanks for the warning. Now I know not to experiment.

Anonymous said...

Done. The milkweeds, that is. They are all in bud right now, just waiting for the monarchs to arrive. Didn't know they'd spread so well this year since the monarch caterpillars devoured them last year before they could even bloom!