Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monarchs Passing

Four in the garden this afternoon. On a cloudy, calm day, it sure seems strange to have this many monarchs on this date. Clearly, they are late in migrating.

Today our last monarch was set to emerge from its chrysalis, but it only managed a tiny edge of one wing. I presume it's dead by now, or will be shortly. It led a strange life, not eating for many days before it went "J", then when it did go the chrysalis, as the caterpillar, was undersized.

So, to the garden to find monarchs--and other insects--which will see us through the week and into a four day weekend (viva academic jobs and their fall breaks).
Seeing Triple

Synchronized Feeding

Male Monarch by Phallic Liatris Seed Head

Painted Lady on Aster Tataricus

Bees on Solidago

Jeff Goldblum

Sunflower Seeds

Indian and Switch Grass at Dusk

Snow Crocus in Fall

Medusa Verbena

Gratuitous (Gorgeous) Monarch Pic


Randy Emmitt said...

WOW on the aster and Monarch photos! Not too late, they have likely stalled a few days. I think October 15th is about the end of them.

mr_subjunctive said...

Wow. Goldblum's aging well, isn't he?

Ginny said...

I was visited for the first time by a Monarch yesterday. I was more excited than I would have been if a human monarch had come by! I have hopes that I will see many more next season.

Adrian Ayres Fisher said...

I saw a monarch laying eggs this year, but no caterpillars. My asters are full of honeybees right now.

Lynne said...

Great pictures, Benjamin, very focused. You've given some great ideas for flowers to plant in my yard to attract those beautiful Monarchs. Only saw one in my yard this year, and it didn't stick around.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Randy--Folks at Monarch Watch are seeing fewer mgrating, and suspecting a late migration. Odd year.
Mr. S.--You call that aging well?
Ginny--Many more human monarchs? Or regular monarchs? Hmmm?
Adrian--Yes, tons and tons of honeybees. I'd love to trace them back to the hive. Someday?
Lynne--Monarchs love purple dome aster, swamp milkwees (of course), and liatris ligulystilis (I may have not spelled that right). Also, ironweed and joe pye weed get them in. Those 5 plants are def. heads above other ones.

debsgarden said...

What a beautiful place! It is always a joy when butterflies are attracted to my garden. The asters are a real magnet for them. I planted asters last year for the first time, but they grew tall and floppy and weedy looking. I was thinking about pulling them up until the butterflies started coming. Next year I plan to cut them back in June, and maybe that will help with the floppiness.

Kris said...

Jeff Goldblum. ROFL!
Great pics of the Monarchs and other lesser regals...

scottweberpdx said...'re so lucky with all the flutterbys...we have so few around there. I LOVE the Verbena, it's crazy-awesome!

Les said...

A nice crescendo before the inevitable change.

Benjamin Vogt said...

DG--No don't pull that up! I've started tieign them together in August. It helps some.
Kris--Thank you kindly, ma'am.
Scott--I set you some butterflies vis FedEx. Did you get them? Someone signed for them.
Les--Indeed, sir....