Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video of Garden

Tried to capture insects on the asters, gave up for quick (shakey) tour of garden.


Susan Tomlinson said...

Good grief, Man! Your garden is a-buzz!


Christine B. said...

I do feel a little ill after the tour, though whether from envy that you still have live pollinators AND lots of Asters or from the ups and downs of the film, I'm not sure.

I'll go with jealousy.

Christine in Alaska: no bees/Asters

Ellada said...

Full of insect, good for the garden.

catharine Howard said...

Quite trippy and at the same slightly Hammer House of Horror to have the unseen obseriver hoofing about, breathing etc and then the watery noises play a rhapsody throughout. Enjoyed it though gaave me the shakes.

Les said...

Thanks for the walking tour. That aster was positively abuzz with life.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Susan--And that wasa quiet day. Cooler, so less butterflies.
Christine--Lay down and watch some garden programming. Whatever you do, don't think about how cold you are.
Gail--I don't know.... :)
Catharine--Oh, I could breathe a lot more but I try to hold it back because it's creepy. Porno creepy.
Les--Ha. I get it!